Characteristics of the constellations Most Prone to Manipulation

As defined by Merriam-Webster, manipulative actions are those "serving or intended to control or influence others in an artful and often unfair or selfish way."

Everyone has the capacity to manipulate others to achieve their goals, but we usually save the epithet "manipulative" for cold-blooded people like narcissists and sociopaths. You may be influencing someone without even realizing it, or you could know precisely what you're doing. Similarly, some people are more susceptible to being influenced than others. 


Narcissistic Mars rules Aries, according to Mazboudi. Aries is most manipulative when they constantly asking for something. They're manipulating because they're persistent. They're stubborn and confrontational, therefore they don't mind being called pushy. If it gives them what they want, they don't care. They may grin and have fun, but they won't stop until you do what they want.


Guilt is Taurus's most manipulative tool. They may play the victim, cry, or say nothing, but they seem like the world battered them. Some of the strongest people can fall on their feet. Playing victim is usually for deceiving people.


Mazboudi on Reddit says air signs like Gemini manipulate "due to their ability to take on the form of other characters and into insinuate themselves." The most manipulative Gemini technique is lying. Lying for the greater good and lack of alternatives is justifiable, but they impact others. They may suggest something is serious but not do it.


The most manipulative thing Cancer does is catastrophize. It's not lying or playing the victim; it's exaggerating. After their lover breaks up, they're upset and certain they'll never find love again. Anyone who sees Cancer's pain will try everything to help.


Leo's most deceitful move is to appear innocent. Leos are confident, yet their egos can lead them to harm others. When Leo does something that benefits them and hurts someone else, they twist it to benefit both.


The most manipulative thing Virgo does is passive-aggressive. Virgo expresses wishes indirectly. They don't always express what they want, but they drop clues and make vague, passive-aggressive suggestions so others assume they came up with the concept without Virgo. Clever and devious.


Libra's most manipulative act is portray innocence. Libras influence others by pretending they don't know how or have the ability to perform anything. Libra may use charm and flirting to improve outcomes. When questioned out on their actions, they'll pretend like they don't understand.


Scorpio's biggest trick is making it look like a big mistake to oppose them and demanding allegiance. They want you to think you'll lose them if you don't comply. It resembles emotional abuse and bullying. If you're out, Scorpio may reveal all your prior secrets.


Being overly kind is Sagittarius's biggest manipulation. It may seem manipulative, but they're being extra kind to obtain a result. Sagittarius will overwhelm you with thoughtfulness to seek your help. Niceness may be paid, but true compassion is selfless.


The most deceptive thing Capricorn does is make others feel foolish. Capricorn uses their skills to acquire what they desire. Capricorn may get someone to follow their agenda by making them seem foolish and requiring assistance. Capricorn undermines and manipulates those who feel powerful enough to say no.


Ghost people are Aquarius's largest manipulation. They'll respond your texts and messages one minute, then nothing. After some time, Aquarius has you when you're desperate and willing to do everything to get them back. You may not realize you're manipulated.


Mazboudi says Neptune "can be deceptive and Machiavellian," ruling Pisces. Pisces' lack of accountability is their most deceitful conduct. Not their fault if anything happened or angered someone. Pisces was lost in their work. Pisces may feel like they're too creative and exceptional to be held accountable.

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