Characteristics of Every Astrological Sign's Sexual Behavior (As They All Share a Common Trait of Sexual Desire) 

Sex is prohibited, yet our minds are designed for it. Because of our evolutionary inclination and want to connect, practically everyone is thinking about sex right now! I can tell you what each zodiac sign is like in bed if you don't have time to sleep with all 12.


You're direct and goal-oriented about sex! Being ruled by Mars, the god of battle, explains your harsh, gruff bed manner. Your sexual hunger is insatiable and you always want to play. You don't need lavish dinners, romantic chat, or gorgeous lingerie to detect sexual chemistry; it's instantaneous.


Taurus, your lover is sensuous and devoted. Being tied to sight, hearing, taste, touch, and aroma, you want to be absorbed. You like foreplay because you're patient. Massages, essential oils, candles, music, and gifts always excite! Your desire for luxury permeates the Egyptian cotton coverings.


The Geminis are famously misleading. Cute baby, act shy and vulnerable in bed. You may domineer your partner! If your companion doesn't understand bedroom diversity, you'll feel bored. Smart, witty, and naughty, you talk filthy and love to express your feelings, so you proclaim “I love you” after one night. 


Cancerian sex is amazing. Cancers go through stages since the moon rules them and their emotions play a role. They may feel sexy and turned on one day, but if they feel vulnerable, they'll retreat! Cancers must be vulnerable and emotionally committed to appreciate it.


Leos want amazing sex. Because the warm, confident sun dominates you, you want a partner who worships the ground you walk on without obsessing about you. You should desire more from your relationship. You're known for attracting lovers easily, but your bedtime behavior is primal.


The popular flower is Virgo. Though harsh, you're sending subconscious signals to the right people that you're ready to be wooed. Like most subs, you try. Knowing your husband will come makes you come. Virgos are detail-oriented and remember every moan and what their lover did to turn them on.


Libras are clean, aloof, and chiseled, so you may not imagine them crashing in bed. These statuesque beauty could be surreal, making you question if they can lie naked. Never judge a book by its cover—Libras' insatiable yearning shows a different side.


Scorpios are known for their sexuality—you'd think they're vibrators! Honestly, their BDE (or “big dick energy”) allegations are accurate. Scorpios are spiritually charged with sex because they control the genitals. Scorpios are elusive and hard to understand, yet in bed, they reveal their soul's immense cosmos to their mate.


Sex shows Sagittariuses' explorer and truth-seeking nature. You're open to various types of sex, and your preferences alter with each! You love sleeping with people with outstanding sexual skills who can teach you about carnal connection since you want to live your best life.


Despite looks, Capricorns may become dirty. This sophisticated and elegant earth sign may appear sexually repressed due to its status. That sexual energy must go somewhere, and when their desire is too powerful, a lifetime of yearning is unleashed! Royal and determined, this zodiac sign controls the bedroom.


Aquarius is one of the kinkiest zodiac signs! Aquariuses appear calm and collected, yet their nasty thoughts are continually running through their heads. This zodiac sign is most prone to have odd sexual desires and be drawn to oddly appealing persons.


Pisces sex is amazing. Pisces likes mind-blowing sex to escape reality! Your vivid imagination and sophisticated visions would shame 50 Shades of Grey. You can learn to climax without sex or touch because your mind can!

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