Best zodiac sign dating ideas

Life occasionally offers you someone exceptional who demands more thinking than Netflix and chill. Consider your date's zodiac sign to create an evening that meets their needs and skips hours of awkward discussions and long silences.


Although fiercely aggressive, few know that zodiac wheel rams are childlike and playful. Take them to an old-fashioned amusement park for a unique first date. They will whine about how much they detest it and be secretly furious if you don't win a plush animal.


Taureans are great at planning a night out, so don't invade. Instead, give them a DIY cooking kit they can make together and boast about in their WhatsApp BFF group.


As the life of the party, take this social butterfly to shine in the spotlight. Group dates can win their heart, and arranging a drinking game they'll likely win can get bonus points.


This zodiac water sign wants to hide their sensitivity and tenderness as homebodies. Enjoy an old-fashioned meal for two and ignore the mysterious sniffing during the melancholy parts of the romcom.


Take use of Leos' lion vigour to win them over. Leos thrive in the centre of attention, so impress them by getting a table at a celebrity-favorite fine-dining spot that is booked for months.


Simply put, courting a Virgo is easy. Spend time with them at a garden picnic instead of the latest It-club's flashing strobe lights. Add some trivia about your outstanding Tupperware collection to boost your street cred.


Libras, ruled by dreamy Venus, fell in love with love while watching an old-timey romcom, and the idea hasn't changed since. Make it special with a romantic dinner, cheese-tasting night, or window-shopping day, but tell them to wear appropriate shoes.


Scorpios are drawn to mystery like moths to a flame because Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, rules their hearts. Stargaze or take a gorgeous boat trip where the waves and talks are deep to satisfy their desire and excitement.


Jupiter's abundance dictates that you should go big or go home. Wine tasting with the rich or adventurous sports are great date options for this zodiac sign.


If your date night idea considers their sleep schedule, you can confirm a second date. Meet this earth sign at their favourite bistro for a leisurely coffee (they don't like surprises).


Help Aquarians avoid the crowds with a museum visit or a night of thoughtful poetry. Uranus influences their urge for insurrection. When they shutdown Instagram for three days, don't overthink it.


Pisces, ruled by Neptune, dream. Give them a cause to put on their rose-colored glasses with a short road trip to a nearby town or a bonfire night with friends, but keep the ghost stories for date three.

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