Based on your zodiac sign, what triggers your anger?

You might not have realised it before, but your zodiac sign influences both your anger threshold and your response to annoyance. When faced with adversity, people react in unique ways. Whether your zodiac sign is fiery and explosive or calm and collected at first look determines how your sign expresses anger:


You aren't one to hide your emotions, which is to be expected from someone born under the sign of the forceful ram. Your temper is like a flare: it's easy to light, but be careful not to offend someone because of how direct you like to be.


The first indicator that you've irritated a Taurus is when they withdraw emotionally from you. This could escalate into a full-on silent treatment if you don't notice it, until you take the initiative and own up to your perceived mistakes.


Geminis are the talkative social butterflies of the zodiac, and that enthusiasm extends to their anger management strategies. Your friends may feel uncomfortable being around you because of your erratic behaviour, but it's a healthy way for you to work through your emotions.


Your prefered method of communication is passive aggression, in contrast to others who deal with their frustrations violently. If you don't deal with your emotions when they arise, they could build up into a tsunami of feelings over all the microaggressions you've been suppressing.


Leos are notoriously impatient with orders and life advice. It helps to take responsibility for your own acts, even while you forgive others readily.


Perfectionists, Virgos want their life neat and ordered, and messing with this order could land you in their bad books. Virgos aren't good at expressing their feelings, so you may not realise you offended them for years.


You may be holding onto all your prior complaints if you dislike confrontation. If you want to move forwards, you may have to face your pent-up emotions so they don't explode.


Scorpios are wrathful. You may ignore people trying to get a rise out of you, but you don't tolerate those who injure your family.


Fire-ruled Sagittarius can be your best friend and worst enemy. They can get angry, but they burn out quickly and may regret unfriending you in the morning.


People may assume you've let things go, but your placid demeanour is your method of showing your disappointment in the world for letting you down. Only those closest to you know that your even demeanour hides past wounds.


You tend to ignore your worst irritations for a long time. Once you give in to your emotions, your wrath becomes a frigid indifference that might ice hell.


You're one of the zodiac's most emotionally astute signs, so your disputes are all about drama. The other side should expect receipts from every past argument, disagreement, and disagreement.

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