Avoid all zodiacs' unlucky colors

Aries — black

Rams represent the first zodiac sign, which is fire-based. Aries' ruling planet is Mars. Red is its lucky color. Black, the color of Saturn, is unsuitable for the ambitious ram. A bright-colored fitted suit. This shows confidence and makes you look bossy. Statement dress.

Taurus — dark purple

Taurus, the celestial bull, is steadfast and ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money. Thus, soothing white and pink suit their temperament. Red is said to bring out their intransigence, therefore they should avoid it. They should also avoid eggplant purple's dark tint.

Gemini — orange, dark yellow and red

The air sign Gemini is one of the most fascinating, interesting, kind, and social zodiac signs. The Twins symbolize mutable sign, ruled by Mercury. A dual-nature sign, Gemini. Warm colors like orange, dark yellow, and red disrupt creativity and accentuate undesirable traits like bewilderment and restlessness.

Cancer — black and burgundy

Cancer, the moon-ruled water sign, is the most sensitive. They are quiet and introspective but sometimes overthink and worry. This cardinal sign should avoid black and burgundy to avoid negativity.

Leo — white, pink and pastels

The Sun represents Leo, the lion. As a fixed zodiac sign, they are generous, magnetic, and upbeat. Avoid light colors like white, pink, blue, and pastels as they may dull their energy.

Virgo — orange

Mercury rules this earth sign with the virgin emblem. Practical and grounded on reality. Perfectionists, they meticulously arrange everything. Earthy colors like browns and greens suit this sign. Lucky colors for Virgo. Bright colors like orange can throw them off balance. Tailored blazer Virgos who want to look professional without sacrificing comfort should try this.

Libra — neon

Librans are ‘well-balanced’. Venus rules them, symbolized by a weighing scale. They enjoy elegance and their lucky color pallet is well-balanced. The zodiac's unlucky color is fluorescent or neon because it disrupts their inner serenity and makes them feel out of control.

Scorpio — white and pastel

Pluto rules this water sign, the most intense sun sign, and it is noted for its intuition, spirituality, and emotional depth. Dark colors like black and purple suit this passionate, intriguing permanent symbol. Light colors like blue, white, and pastels contradict their essence. These colors may disrupt their mood.

Sagittarius — dark brown, dark green and black

The archer represents Sagittarius, the last fire sign, and Jupiter rules it. This mutable sign loves to travel, real and imagined, so vivid blues and yellows suit it. Avoid dull dark brown, green, and black colors. These colors are unlucky for this enterprising sign.

Capricorn — yellow, neon and purple

Saturn rules Capricorn, the last earth sign with a sea goat. The color black, grey, or khaki is lucky for Capricorns. They should also avoid yellow, neon, and purple. Vibrant colors:

Aquarius — yellow, orange and gold

Uranus signs are air signs that are progressive and forward-thinking. They always reflect and consider the big picture. This fixed sign should mix electric blues with silvers and other cool family colors. Avoid warm colors like yellow, orange, and gold. These unfortunate colors impair their intelligence and create negativity.

Pisces — navy and dark blue

Water, the last zodiac sign, is peaceful and tranquil. Two fish swimming oppositely represent Pisces. Dreamy and tranquil, choose blushing pinks and lavenders. Navy or dark blue disturbs Piscean energy and tranquility.

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