Astrology for Successful Long-Distance Relationships

One of love's worst enemies might be a long-distance relationship. A temporary separation may be a necessary evil for couples when employment possibilities in different locations, family duties, or unforeseen events force them apart. They need not, however, be difficult.


At first, you were likely enthusiastic—in a good way—about your long-distance relationship because you enjoy a challenge. But it's another else entirely to really do the necessary effort. In your fight against the Aries propensity to back out of commitments quickly, stay vigilant against the people and things that could divert your attention.


You have an innate gift for indulging in the sensuous delights of your partner and are masterful at maintaining the passion between you two. Sending your sweetheart thoughtful surprises, like a scented candle with romantic connotations for the two of you, is a great way to keep the romance alive even while you're apart.


Communicating remotely isn't a problem for you because you're constantly game for a chat. Be careful with the time you spend on the phone. Tell your partner about the things that really matter to you and how you really feel rather than generating idle chatter. Being genuine is key to establishing trust.


You may argue that your partner should see you repeatedly, but be fair. Alternate visit sites to reduce plane travel stress. Or meet midway to spice things up someplace fresh. Try not to bundle every creature comfort. Instead, suggest your partner add your tastes to their home.


Phone conversations and messages don't allow you to use your smile and charm as in person. Choose your words carefully to avoid misinterpreting your tone over the phone, or set up a brief Facetime. Keep difficult, serious topics for in-person.


Use your organizing talents to make a long-term relationship plan. You adore planning. Agree on your separation period. Discuss relocation and determine a realistic schedule. Reevaluate your ideas and be adaptable, even if it's challenging.


Libra, the most partnership-oriented zodiac sign, might struggle with distance. Tell your partner your relationship goals and commitment level. If they disagree, negotiate a solution that works for both of you. Take charge and be honest to build closeness.


Physical closeness is something that all long-distance couples miss. Your camera or smartphone can substitute for a long-distance makeout session on a daily basis. Indulge your sweet tooth by giving your partner a picture shoot or a steamy online striptease.


Choose a shared hobby to remain in touch. Send texts in the same foreign language to practice. Vacation to test your new abilities and fluency. Common interests spark interaction and set you on the same path, boosting your relationship remotely.


Plan gatherings centered around cherished memories to satisfy your need for the past. For a relationship recharge, revisit past romantic spots when you visit one other. Make some shared picture albums or scrapbooks and save one copy at each of your homes.


Couples that spend too much time together risk losing their own identities, so you could find that the separation is beneficial. But be out that you don't emotionally withdraw to the point where you sever the connection completely.


When you're feeling down, you love to let your imagination run wild. Playing a fantasy game together is a great way to bring your significant other closer. When you can finally meet in person, build up a fantastical scene and carry on your imaginary game. You could find that it's the perfect spark.

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