Astrological signs categorized by degree of emotional availability

It might be challenging to accept and acknowledge our emotions. Some people would just cry in private, while others might tell everyone in the home about their sadness. Being emotionally open is a trait that, like everything else, varies from sign to sign. The signs of the zodiac are listed below in order of increasing emotional distance.


While being concentrated and absorbed in business, Aries occasionally fail to provide time to their loved ones. They are emotionally unavailable since they are incredibly ambitious and would work till their dying day.


Those born under the sign of Taurus aren't afraid to show their affection for their spouses. They think that good relationships can only exist when both partners are emotionally available and willing to share their thoughts and feelings with one another.


Geminis are known for their ability to mask their emotions with layers of sarcasm and irony. When someone makes fun of a Gemini or plays with their feelings, they will explode. They are so worried about what other people will think of them that they hide how they really feel. As a result, they become emotionally detached.


A Cancerian is likely to be the weeper in a situation when they are not at fault. They are naturally kind and perceptive. They are the most expressive sign since they don't have any issue letting their feelings out.


Leo's feelings are tied to their significant others. Because they resent having to be the one to put in extra effort, they might come out as emotionally detached.


When it comes to emotional distance, Virgos are at the top of the list. That doesn't imply, however, that they can't love. Typically, they come across as distant and withdrawn. They struggle to trust others enough to be vulnerable with them. Their companion may feel ignored at times due to this trait.


Their largest concern is coming off as a clinging companion. To avoid coming out as needy, Libra prefers to take things gently.


One common misconception about Scorpios is that they are only interested in physical closeness. They want an in-depth, emotional connection with another person. However, if people don't trust you, they can be less likely to disclose personal information.


The Sagittarians are very protective of their emotional well-being. They have to be careful who they let into their hearts. They are worried that they will make a mistake in their choice of a life partner. Perhaps you aren't the right person for your Sagittarius relationship if they aren't comfortable talking to you.


Capricorns don't mind spending a lot of time alone. As a result, they can across as emotionally distant in relationships. They make their spouse feel lonely since they prefer to be alone and are content in their own company.


Aquarians erect a massive shield around themselves in order to prevent harm. They are incredibly kind and compassionate, but it takes time and work for them to let you into their heart. The problem is that this kind of conduct renders them cold and unresponsive in the outset of a relationship.


The Piscean trait of possessiveness is well-known. They are one of the least emotionally distant symptoms since they want continual attention and assistance from their relationships.

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