Appropriate Attire for Your astrological Sign

Whether you read your horoscope daily or casually, we may all benefit from a star-aligned appraisal of our sign's style. The AstroTwins, astrologer sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, advised us on dressing for your sign, from your finest colors to your wardrobe essentials.


Aries, the first sign, may have a pioneering style. These fire signs are bold about changing their style. If their style makes heads turn, excellent. Aries Lady Gaga appears in her stunning meat dress. Mars rules them with its competitive vigor. You'll notice Aries when they enter.


Earth sign Zodiac sign Elegant Taurus. Their carefully selected wardrobes contain linen, wool, and silk investment pieces for special occasions. Avoid deception! Sophisticates rebel. When they relax, they wear trendy jeans, boots, and leather that would make a traveling rock star envy. Smart Taurus wears body-flattering attire.


Gemini is The Zodiac's Trendiest Sign. Can't help! They know what's hot and what's not (as of five minutes ago) with Mercury as their governing planet. Layering is social butterflies' secret sauce since they're out all day. Stylish jacket over a black dress, done! Ready to rule the boardroom. They may quickly meet pals for a live concert with a new pair of shoes and lipstick. 


Crabs use fashion to express themselves and defend themselves. The subtle water signs unfurl gently. Their stylishness reflects their love and creativity. Their skate-inspired hoodies and vibrant, limited-edition sneakers will revolutionize athleisure. They look chic in patterned silk pantsuits and heels the next day. Ganny-chic sweaters and shawls work.


As shown by their stylish clothing, this spectacular fire sign celebrates every day. Jackie O glasses and stunning hats are typical of drama-loving Leos. The zodiac's Lion may welcome you to the jungle with safari flair, big flowers, and animal motifs.


Daily appearance is more uniform—literally. Virgo may have 100 versions of pants, a white button-down, maxiskirts, and tank tops. Virgos look great in patterned yoga pants because they regulate health. Earth signals like recycled clothes, vegan leather, and natural fibers. 


Libras look elegant with colorful polos, linen pants, and loafers. Their options include dusty rose, deep coral, and midnight blue, their sign's sunset hues. Scales symbolize this sign's equilibrium. Libras can wear neat ponytails, neutral makeup, and massive head-to-toe decorations! Libras, the most amorous sign, are fast to enchant.


Scorpios dress for mood, therefore their OOTD is a mystery! Nobody else in the room will appear as polished. Scorpios are adept at subtly indicating with their outfit choices or starting a trend that fashion insiders will soon follow. Vogue editor Anna Wintour was born under this sign.


Like the half-horse, half-human Archer, this symbol adores Western attire. Their mainstay is every denim wash and hue. See Sagittarius Britney Spears' trim. They may wear tight garments to show off their hips and thighs as this sign dominates them. Equestrian hair. Sagittarius likes ponytails with accessories and scarves. 


Elegant Capricorns update classics. The ambitious sign commands respect! They will build a wardrobe with expensive clothing. This lovely earth sign excels at basics! Fitted coats, column dresses, and sculptural shoes suit them under Saturn. Let go when? They're set to work in black pants and white shirts.


The zodiac's idealists choose vegetarian leather, organic textiles, and "upcycled" fashion from used pieces. Many Aquarius calves look excellent in lower hemlines. For this mobile workforce, hair and cosmetics must be easy to reapply. Like Aquarius Jennifer Aniston, the fresh-faced, girl-next-door appearance is #beautygoals!


Ethereal, dreamy Moving, Pisces are poetry. This water sign sparkles with iridescent fabric and floating layers. Squint and they may be angel or mermaid! Fantasy-spinning signs adore fashion to reach their "audience". They may go sci-fi or mystic with shawls, capes, and headwraps like Pisces Millie Bobbie Brown. 

Stay tuned for more updates!