Against Bengals, Mike Tomlin believes Diontae Johnson 'has to answer for'

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson was in the spotlight after Sunday's 16-10 win against the Cincinnati Bengals, but for the wrong reasons.

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren fumbled on a third-and-2 in the red zone late in the first quarter

 Johnson did not get off the line of scrimmage or block his opponent, cornerback D.J. Turner, who recovered the ball and returned it 20 yards near middle.

Despite being one of the closest Steelers to Turner, Johnson chose to ignore the play and watch as he sprinted away without attempting to pursue.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was not pleased with wide receiver Josh Johnson's lack of effort on the play and reportedly told the 27-year-old that he had to own up to his mistakes.

"I'll give him an opportunity to do that," Tomlin told reporters on Tuesday, acknowledging that he needed to account for something. "I will withhold any commentary until he is given the chance to do that by his teammates."

Johnson didn't do himself any favors after the game when he told reporters, including Mike DeFabo of The Athletic, that he didn't try to recover Warren's fumble because he was busy “blocking or whatever it is,” despite video evidence to the contrary.

Tomlin continued, “Diontae can't let the emotions of the previous down affect his next down, but I'll give him an opportunity to address that with [the media].” We'll let him consult his teammates. Players—not guys like me—should describe such plays. I prioritize hard jobs this week.”

Stay tuned for developments.