A guide to flirting with each zodiac sign.

Understanding someone's zodiac sign might help you flirt, but romance is hard. Modern astrology shows that a person's star sign may indicate their characteristics, providing you an advantage when pursuing your infatuation. The zodiac sign of your crush decides whether you should study philosophy or pick-up lines:


The best way to receive a call back from an Arian, who isn't known for subtlety, is to create a strong impression by using an innuendo that raises eyebrows. Chances are, they'll slither into your DMs before the night has over.


If you come at a Taurean with a strict policy before they've even had a chance to write "'ssup?", you can find yourself barred. Instead, you may draw attention to yourself in a crowded room by really asking others about themselves and displaying genuine curiosity about their lives.


The belle of the ball, you'll find a Gemini dazzling beneath the limelight. You should practice your pick-up lines before sliding into their direct messages with a boring meme since they have an innate ability to flirt.


The best way to win over a Cancerian's affections is to win over their friends. If their friends like you, you've already won them over. To win someone over, it's best to start by demonstrating an interest in their social circle.


Use this knowledge to flatter a Leo in front of their coworkers and friends the next time you're out on the town. The gossip will eventually catch up with you, and next Saturday you could find yourself at a dinner party.


Virgos are perfectionists who are reluctant to transfer responsibility but who nonetheless value helping hands. Find methods to help them out in ordinary situations without trampling on their independence, such as drawing the bartender's attention and then stepping back to let them order their drink how they prefer it.


Librans are hopeless romantics who can't imagine life without love. If you want to win them over, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way: by approaching them and starting a discussion first.


A Scorpio may be fierce and passionate on the inside, but they are not usually the kind to reveal this about themselves immediately away. Don't give up; keep firing your shots, whether it's by dropping references to their favorite sitcoms in conversation or leaving intriguing clues about who you are.


Do you remember the hilarious pickup phrases that went viral on your teen text chain? Now is the moment to get them out of storage, not because a Sagittarius will be really impressed, but rather because they will be quoted at the next dinner party and will remember you even when there are many other people in the room.


Expecting a Capricorn to react strongly to extravagant displays of affection is unrealistic. Instead, finding common ground and using it as a stepping stone into their hearts is the way to their love.


These air signs are the philosophers of the zodiac, and they get more out of serious talk than they do from banter. It helps to ask them questions to understand more about their idiosyncrasies if you aren't ready to get taken into lengthy philosophical disputes.


You may catch the attention of this romantic sign by playing hard-to-get and teasing them with your curiosity and the smallest of physical touches rather than just asking them out straight.

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